Ministry Update About COVID-19 | March 13, 2020
March 13, 2020
Ministry Update About COVID-19 | March 13, 2020
March 13, 2020

Statement Regarding Recent Unusual Credit Card Activity with BMI

Burchfield Ministries International is an apostolic ministry of outreaches that strengthen churches in the faith by providing Bible-based resources which increase His Church. You may have recently noticed a charge on your account from our organization. Your personal information wasn’t seized from any of our servers or systems, but this charge was made due to our involuntary involvement in a misrepresentation to the payment gateway. We have reason to believe that your personal information had been previously compromised during other avenues with an action called “card testing”, and we would encourage you to take necessary action. You can learn more about what "Card Testing is in this article.

We understand this may have come as a surprise, and we would like to extend our deepest apologies for any confusion and/or frustration this may have caused. Please know that this action was beyond our control and definitely not our intention or match for our integrity. If you have any other questions, please notify our Business Offices at 979-732-9088 and we’ll be happy to support.

Building and Blessing His Church,

Burchfield Ministries International

* You can find out more at the following links:

Card Testing By Fraudsters Is Up 200 Percent This Year Why Credit Thieves Love Giving to Charity Card Testing On The Rise

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